We are a group of performers, each show is different. We believe that everyone is replaceable but unique.

Mira Leonard
From the dark forest of Stockholm, with the superpowers of flipping people in the air while hanging in her legs, and juggling people around while laying on the moss, Mira is a supreme forest guide who will lead you safely through the dangers of the forest.

Esmeralda Nikolajeff
From the leafy trees of Stockholm, she is as sneaky as she is fast. Esmeralda can spin in the air faster than you can look and she can climb anything or anyone from the tallest birch to the smallest person.

Love Kjellsson
From the great forests of Österlen, Love flies through the forest with a fiddle in his hands enchanting everyone with his magical strings.

Karoline Aamås
From the dark pines of Western Norway, Karoline climbs around like a monkeysnake and dangles from her hair.

Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells
From the green forest of Southern Norway, Hege glides from tree to tree on her invisible snakes, hypnotizing anyone who can spot her.

Rebecca Seward
From the great waves of Denmark, Rebecca is as cunning as she is wize. If she opens her mouth she will leave you rolling around laughing and crying until you fall asleep from exhaustion